Improve your project docs with journalling

Do not throw away your documentation

Add journalling

Example of a company directory structure in Notion
Example of my how I organise project journalling in my company document structure

The simplest structure is a date and a name

Two document structures side by side, one from Notion and one from Confluence
Example of two projects I’ve used journalling of, both on Notion and Confluence

Tips to journal better

Example of a journal page
Here is a rough example of how I might break down one of my journal pages

How project journalling can help you

  1. You have a record of decisions
  2. The flow describes not only the conclusions but the causes leading to them
  3. Splitting documents by date and topic creates a timeline of the project
  4. It becomes a free archive of documentation that need no updates
  5. By tagging your coworkers, they are automatically given reports on progress and can comment when needed



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David Dikman


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